Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Trend Finale!

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Now back to our previously scheduled blog post... ZE FINALE (that's how you say 'the finale' in french)...

Onesies aren't just for babies anymore! Get out your chafing powder ladies because the bodysuit is making a comeback! We can all thank Beyonce and Lady Gaga for that. For many of us younger ladies, we were in elementary or middle school when body suits were first 'in'.

I don't know about y'all but I had a favorite body suit. It was white, with three buttons between the legs, and had the most magnificent sheer flowing blousy sleeves. I knew I had to put the flowy sleeves to work so I took a trip to the ice skating rink where I would twirl and do a double toe loop lutz finished off with a triple axle, all while my beautiful sleeves flapped in the breeze. Okay, maybe I just did a few rings around the rink and maybe one shaky turn.
Regardless, I knew that night, wearing that bodysuit, that all boys had their eyes on me and they would dream about marrying a girl like me. A girl with such grace and such a dreamy body suit. I'll talk to 'our' people and see if we can bring a few into stock so that your ice skating dreams can be fulfilled as well!

So what do you think? Care to 'snap on' or 'pull up' a bodysuit again ladies?

Jennifer Says: Love! It's fashionable and functional! People will have no idea you are wearing one unless you pull a Lady GaGa and go out without pants on!

Carly Says: Love! What better way to keep your shirt tucked in than to have it attached to your underwear? Wait do you wear undies under your bodysuit or just the bodysuit? hmmmm...

 What's better to compliment your bodysuit than to sport a hot sleek new pair of colored denim! Spring brings flowers and color... but we never knew it would be taken to this extreme. Enhance your thighs with a big splash of color. Us ladies always want to draw attention to our thighs and butt right? No? When will you be purchasing an orange pair to rock at Clemson games? Up for a dare?

Jennifer Says: No thanks! These scream 'pay attention to me!'... girls should be classy and fabulous, two words that I would not associate with colored denim.

Carly Says: The 80's called... they want their pants back! My muffin top gets enough attention on it's own! What's next, white eye liner and jellies? I wouldn't doubt it.

This next spring trend, we are loving! The nautical theme we keep seeing at shows and in magazines is something to be desired. Nautical and horizontal stripes kind of go hand in hand. Friendly tip, wear thin horizontal stripes or oversized stripes. Anything in between can make you look wider than you are. Well, on some of us, stripes don't work at any width. Want to make your girls (you know which girls we're talking about) look bigger? Turn to horizontal stripes, they'll make them pop! When we think of nautical we think of navy blue or black, and white, and maybe a touch of red. Always classy and always fun. What do you think?
Jennifer in one of our awesome Nautical dresses!

Jennifer Says: Love it, of course! So flattering, flirty, and fun! It gets me excited for summer and my rapidly approaching honeymoon!
Carly Says: Love it as well! It's just plain fun. It makes me want to use navy terms like 'ahoy matey' and 'we're underway!'... ummm or something like that.

Here's some more spring trends we'd love to know whether you Love or Loathe... maybe you'll see some or many of these popping up in our store over the next few months! 

White Leggings
Flashback to Easter Day when you were 8 years old. All you need is your hand made bonnet your mom made you with tulle and glued on peeps. There's a big difference between white skinny leg jeans/pants and white leggings, in our opinion. What do you think?

Cargo Pants
Not just any cargo pants, skinny leg cargo pants! These could be fabulous on the right figure and with the right shoes but for the women who have bigger thighs or hips, these could be all wrong. Another buyer beware.

Tiered Ruffles
We're seeing them everywhere, tiered ruffle tops and dresses! We think they're fun and youthful. Mix up your daily basic wardrobe with some ruffles! They also make it fun to shake your body like Charo! Don't know who she is? Look her up, you won't be sorry!

Crop Tops
You know when football players cut part of their practice jerseys off to look cool? Well this is the girls version. Make sure you have a flat tummy if you rock this look, or else you may get a lot of the wrong looks. Pairing it with a cami underneath can make it wearable by all. You like?

Whether you like it or not, spring is upon us. Actually, if you're one of the people who don't like it, what is wrong with you!? Time for Spring Break, Prom, Spring Football, the works! We can't wait for everything that will be arriving in our store that we'll get to share with you. Will we be ordering colored denim and body suits? You will just have to wait and see won't you?


  1. Great post! Lots of giggles while reading! Wish I could wear a crop top... or at least have a flat enough stomach to even consider the option... but I guess that's what the tiered ruffled shirt is for! At least I'll still be on trend hiding my rolls in a cute top!

  2. Colored denim? I just dont think I can do that...i do not what attention to the thighs! I have a white pair of leggins but we will see if they make it out during spring/summer. Love the crop top and nautical themes...very cute. Great blog :) You always give me a few laughs in the morning!