Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Breakin' It

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things, of shoes and dresses, and skinny jeans, of flowy tops and rings.... Wait a minuteeee That's not how 'The Walrus & The Carpenter' goes! But we certainly like the new version.

Like the walrus said... it's time to speak of what else, fashion, and SPRING BREAK! Time for teeny weeny bikinis, catching some much needed rays, and running around in your favorite new spring outfits. You know what's so awesome about this year's fashion?! It's flowy and blousey. If you haven't gotten your body into bikini season shape just yet, you're golden! Just throw on a baby doll frock and rock that boardwalk, girl! You know what else is great about this year's fashion? Many of the dresses and tunics can be worn as bathing suit cover ups OR you can dress them up with some chunky accessories, belt, and heels for a night on the town.

Here's a great example... This playful number can be thrown on, on your way out to the beach. It's more fun than just a simple ol'cover up and it's practical. OR you can throw a belt on (as seen below), a pair of your favorite wedges, and maybe pull your hair back into a scrunched beachy bun... and you're ready for a night out with the girls!

Packing light for the beach has never been easier since you can use the same outfits in so many different ways on one trip. Wait... who are we kidding, we're females, we never wear the same thing twice in the same week! Duhhhh.

Do you have a one shoulder dress or top you can't wait to wear on your spring break vacation? If so, be careful of awkward tan lines from laying on the beach or by the pool all day! If you're going to be rockin' a lot of one shoulders or even strapless tops, try wearing bathing suits that are strapless as well; like bandeau tops.
The best part of these one shoulder tops and dresses is that you get to be two people in one night! On one side you're sultry and sexy like Shakira, showing off a sun kissed shoulder. And on the other side, you're more covered up yet fun and flirty like hmmm what celeb actual covers up these days? Natalie Portman? Not to mention, you'll look super cool waving your left arm around while doing the electric slide on the dance floor at the beach bar. All the cool kids are doing it...

Here's one of our fav one shoulder tops that we sold out of super fast, but no worries, we've reordered and they'll be in soon! (We don't mean to brag but this babies are only $23!):

For those of you who do not get a spring break vacation... ya know us adults in the workforce, have no fear. You can still rock a bikini and a one shoulder top around the house. I'm sure your hubby would love it! He can thank us later for the idea. Cook some shrimp and crab for dinner, make a couple margaritas in the blender, turn on a space heater and a fan at the same time to get that 'tropical weather' feel in your home, throw on your favorite sarong, and viola! Spring Break at the *insert your last name here* house! Chug, chug, chug, chug! ...understand?

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