Monday, July 11, 2011

Here's to MEN...and Khakis!

We talk about your friends and the places that you've been
We talk about your skin and the dimples on your chin
The polish on your toes and the run in your hose
And God knows we're gonna talk about your Clothes...

Toby Keith couldn't be more correct. This is what most boyfriends/fiances/husbands are thinking when they listen to us ladies go on and on and on about ourselves. But hey, we're women, it's what we do, and they know what they signed up for right?? If you know the chorus to the above song, you know Toby is trying to get the point across that sometimes he just wants to talk about ME! (him, not me, you get it). So... in an effort to focus on the men in our lives, this post is dedicated to them!

Here's to the men who deal with us complaining about having NOTHING to wear to dinner although our closets are chock-full of clothing. Here's to the men who deal with us whining about feeling fat and asking them on a weekly basis if they think we look pretty. Here's to the men who love us through all of our insecurities and take darn good care of us...

Us girls at Blake & Brady love our men and your men too! Don't worry, we don't love 'your' men in that way, but we do love your men SOOOO much that we are now providing clothing in our store just for them! If you didn't already know that, now you do. We even have a men's 'corner' with building blocks and legos and those little toys where you have to figure out which shaped hole the square goes into. Okay okay, only kidding about the toys, but we really do have a men's area. It's complete with a big comfy leather couch to lounge on while you're shopping and he's bored senseless. And it also has a big screen TV to watch the 'game', whichever it may be at the moment. Can't beat that!

Let's face it, men typically don't enjoy shopping. That's why we made it easy for you ladies to shop for them while you're shopping for yourself!

How about a slick button down for the fall Clemson games? You can ensure your honey looks better than that other girl's honey, ya, that girl...

Beautifully stitched with a tiny houndstooth pattern. Masculine but stylish at the same time!

Need to dress your man up for that big anniversary coming up, the one where he's most definitely going to remember to send you a big bouquet of flowers to your work and shower you in diamonds as a surprise? We've got you covered!
He'll look quite dapper in this Huntington Button Down from Coast Apparel!

Oh what's that you say? Your man is more of a beef and potatoes man? He doesn't dress up unless his momma is coming over? We have something for him, no worries!
 Grab him one of these Southern Marsh Collection T's when you come by! Perfectly comfy and long lasting. You rock that tshirt mannequin man!

Oh! We almost forgot, we've got polos too! Oooooh yeah. Great for work or play. These have an amazing fit that will cause your honey to ask for 'just a couple more'.

So as you can see we have your man's upper body covered, but don't you worry, we've got him covered down below...with pants...hello! A man can never have too many pairs of khakis, and these babies are in-cred-ible. Yup! Bring him in, and have him try them on. He will walk out with them for sure!
These are called 'Men's Mountain Khakis' ... can't get any manlier than that!

These comfy shorts are only $49.00! Nope, not kidding.
Are you on men's clothing goodness overload? We apologize but we just had to make sure you knew what you were missing! Come on in and see us and see all of this in person, at The Loft (just above our regular Blake & Brady store). Oh and don't forget to pick something up for yourself, because all good deeds must be rewarded! :)