Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well Hello There!

Welcome to Blake & Brady Boutique's first blog post! We're beyond excited to share with you our inner most fashion and fun thoughts.

If you found our blog from our facebook page, website, or store front we welcome you and thank you for your continued support. If you just stumbled upon our blog or heard about us from a friend, we thank you for stopping by and can't wait to get to know you and have you get to know us! Is this starting to sound like one of those awkward Academy Award thank you speeches? If so, disregard this whole paragraph. Moving on...

Allow us to introduce ourselves (does anyone hear trumpets?). We are a vibrant yet relaxed clothing boutique located in Downtown Anderson in the wonderful state of South Carolina. Although our actual store is located in the South it does not limit us to shipping only in this region. We sell and ship to customers all over the United States. Yes, it's true. We were established by Owners Chris & Sissa Sullivan who named the store after their two cutie-patootie daughters. Don't worry, neither Chris nor Sissa are writing these blog posts so we (I) get to brag about their little ones without being called a boastful parent. They really are cute, seriously, I mean it. Chris & Sissa are accompanied by their absolutely gorgeous (see there I go bragging again about something that isn't mine, which makes it okay!) store manager Jennifer. Chances are that if you have commented on our Facebook page or stopped in the store, you've spoken to miss Jennifer. She's also the girl who models all of our wonderful new arrivals for us in the photos we post on Facebook. Somedays she may rather not be in front of the camera but we twist her arm until she screams 'uncle'! Okay maybe not but that sounds like it would work well!
 Jennifer in one of our quickest selling dresses!

We, at Blake & Brady Boutique, do not take ourselves too seriously. We're the type of people who trip walking up the stairs, spill drinks on ourselves even though we were sure we had the cup to our mouths, we wake up with bad hair days sometimes, and we sing Mariah Carey in the shower when no one is around. We are real, normal, every day people, just like you. We are silly and aren't afraid to make fun of ourselves.

You know those cute clothing boutiques that have just the most adorable clothes that you fall in love with and then you look at the price tag of that cute top you were eying and it's priced at $180.00 instead of around $60.00 like you assume it would be? Ya... that's not us! Whew! Scared you for a minute didn't we? All of our clothes are priced fairly and as low as possible so that when you purchase from us you don't feel like you broke the bank. You will walk away happy... and looking fab-u-lous! 

Let us make one thing very clear right now while we have your attention (you are paying attention aren't you? hmmmm?). This blog is not to persuade you to purchase from us. The main purpose of this blog is to interact with YOU (don't look behind you, yes, we are talking to you) and start conversations with and between our followers and friends. We want to hear from you and post about what you might find informative. We want this to be fun and carefree just like our store. We promise to leave you smiling each time you visit our page. If you're not smiling, well then you better go grab a piece of chocolate and maybe a glass of wine (21+ only please!) and get in a better mood! This is a happy place  :)

Do you have anything you'd like to know more about or subjects you'd like us to post about? Let us know! Like we said before, we want to hear from you!

Now back to our awkward Academy Awards speech..... We thank you for stopping by our blog and hope you'll return again soon to read our next post, and our post after that, and then the one after that, and the one following that one. It will only get better! You can also subscribe to our blog so that you're automatically notified when we write a new post. Come back and see us soon y'all (we did say we were in the South didn't we?)!

Peace, Love, & Affordable Style,
The Blake & Brady Team


  1. Great first post! Can't wait to

  2. I always find wonderful "fun" clothing at Blake & Brady and I don't even live in Anderson. Every time I wear any clothing, shoes, etc. from the store I get fantastic compliments. Love it! (And Jennifer is doing a bang up job!) Thanks!