Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Nice Stems..."

Spring is coming and we couldn't be more excited here at Blake & Brady. With Spring comes, arguably, the best weather of the year. Yes, we know Fall is just as beautiful BUT (and that's a big butt...errr... but) Fall leads to Winter and that's absolutely no fun (well except for knee high boots). Now think about Spring. It leads to Summer and that makes us all happy. So, your honor, in conclusion, Spring weather is the best! ...I rest my case.

Aside from the weather, Spring brings some great fashion! Our next few blog posts will be outlining spring fashion trends and how we feel about them. However, please note that if we are going to share our opinions, we want to hear yours as well. It's only fair! There's a cute little 'comment' box down at the bottom of the page, please put it to good use!

After sitting down with Jennifer and compiling spring fashion trends we saw a common theme among a few of the new looks for spring. We'd like to call it the 'Clueless' trend! Channel your inner Alicia Silverstone because the outfits she made famous in the mid 90's are making a come back! Well, not completely but there are a couple pieces that we feel are inspired from that era. Let's take a look...

Knee High Socks
There's no denying it, they're back. They made their debut in Fall 2010 and they're taking over the World in Spring 2011. Will you be welcoming this trend with open arms or will you be making a big 'L' with your hand accompanied by an 'As If!'?

Jennifer Says: Love them! I can totally see myself rocking knee highs this spring. I'd probably stick with sheer knee highs for my open toed shoes though.

Carly Says: I'm on the fence. I get a 'tacky tourist' vibe from this style however if you pair the right socks with the right shoes you can probably pull it off. I'd say, pair wisely!

Pleated Skirts

One thing is for sure about the movie 'Clueless', they loved their P&P's (Plaids and Pleats). We're not sure about plaid skirts coming back ("they're like soooo last decade!") although they tried really hard last spring, but pleats have absolutely made their selves noticed on the run ways. The type of pleats you'll be seeing on skirts are either over sized or accordion style. A modern twist on a 90's fashion.

Jennifer Says: I'm not sold on the idea of pleated skirts coming back. They're cute and feminine but I'm not sure I like them in my personal wardrobe.

Carly Says: Bring on the Pleats! I think they're adorable and a fun and flirty way to mix up your wardrobe. I'm all about some preppy-chic.

Now as for the matchy-matchy blazer, skirt, vest combo, we're pretty confident we won't see that Clueless fashion coming back anytime soon. To that we say, in Cher's words, "Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?"

You've heard our opinions now what do you think? 'As If' or 'Absolutely' to knee highs and pleated skirts!?

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