Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Fashion Alert: SHOE EDITION

As if you all didn't already know... Fall, glorious Fall is upon us! It is that awkward time of year though when it's chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon so it's difficult to coordinate outfits. However, this is where layering comes in. Also, when else do you have an excuse to wear a long sleeve shirt with cute little shorts? Or riding boots with a little dress?  So much cuteness with so little time to rock it, such a shame. Let's take advantage of the new Fall trends while we can, shall we?

Let us help you stay ahead of the Fall fashion curve with some trend alerts. Strap on your boots ladies and let's begin with our SHOE EDITION...

Riding Boots. Two words that carry so much style. These were big last year and even bigger this year. They're comfy and multi purpose and look good with just about everything. Perfect for tailgating and walking up and down all those stairs at the stadium. If you don't have a pair of riding boots, well... you're behind the times my friends.
 These are three of the styles we currently have in stock although they've been flying out the doors. Most coveted colors? Brown, camel, ash, and any natural tone that looks worn. Riding boots are typically worn over your favorite pair of skinny jeans or leggings. But with the beautiful weather we have right now you can also rock them with a cute dress and cardigan (work in a quarter length sleeve cardigan to wear when it's chilly and you can remove when it gets warm out).
What do you think of riding boots? What's your favorite way to wear them?

Staying on the boots topic... wedged knee high boots are super 'in' this fall. These are great for us girls who need a little height but need better traction than we'd get from a heel. Any color goes in this style and you can wear them the same as the riding boots. They're easy to dress up as well. 
Oops almost forgot to mention the best part of these boots, buckles! They're everywhere this fall on all kinds of shoes. Who doesn't love a good buckle?

Moooving on... rev your engines ladies because our next boot trying to make it's way into our wardrobes is the biker boot. I guess the bikers felt left out when the cowboy's boots became so trendy. Many celebs are rocking these but we're on the fence about them. They're a bit 'Clarissa Explains It All' if you ask us. Who knows though, next Fall, they may really be 'all the rage' and we may be biting our tongues!
Lace 'em up, over, in the back, on the side, whatever floats your boat. I wonder what Melissa Joan Hart thinks of these babies coming back in style?

The next shoe we're super pumped about... call us closet prepsters but we love love love that Oxfords are showing their beautiful faces back in shoe stores. They're revamped, have higher heels, and so stinkin' cute.

 Whether you want them two toned or slick camel leather, high heeled or flat, they're up for grabs. You can wear them over tights, under denim, or with a flirty skirt. Do you love them as much as we do?

Much like last year, booties are all over the place and on everyone's feet. Booties are basically boots cut off at the ankle. They're easy to wear and quick to slip on and zip up. Wedged or a 4" heel, take your pick!

We have the adorable gray wedged booties currently in stock. They're so comfy and versatile. You're going to love them!

Only because we know you're wondering and we get this questions every year, yes Uggs or Ugg knock offs are still 'in' but please wear them thoughtfully. If we catch you wearing them with a skirt or shorts, you're getting a big ticket from the fashion police! If you're sick and wearing sweat pants and your toesies are cold so you throw on your uggs, you go girl!

Fashion first ladies! Comfort is a close second ;)

Stay tuned for our Fall Fashion Alert: Clothing Edition! And comment and let us know your thoughts on all the shoes mentioned above. Which do you love the most?

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