Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Fashion Alert: CLOTHING EDITION

How many of you have gone out and gotten yourself some riding boots since our last post? We sure have, but we didn't have to go far ;)  We're not the type of people to wish for cold when it's too hot outside (and vice versa) but this season we do have to admit we're ready for the cooler air. Why? So we can rock our skinny jeans with boots, fur lined sweaters (faux of course), and over sized scarves. Don't get us wrong, we love our backless dresses and 4" peep toe pumps, but who doesn't love a change once in a while?

Personally, I look forward to bulkier clothes so I can hide my muffin top a bit better. What?! At least I'm honest! More to love right?

So we've discussed fall trends in shoes, now let's focus on our body's favorite accessory, CLOTHES! This Fall seems to have hotter fashions than any other Fall I can remember in recent history. Natural colors, even gray hues, are in in in. But there's also two major pops of colors to watch out for... Red and Jade Green. BAM! Becareful wearing them together though, you may look like a Christmas Wreath. Wear them separately and you're the cat's meow and stuff like that and such as...and stuff.

 Whether it's a top, dress, scarf, jeans (yes jeans), etc... if it's red, it's Fall. If you don't look good in red (like myself) then enjoy being 'out' this fall, at least with this trend. Boooo. However, those of us who don't look good in red typically can pull of green real well...

We haven't received much jade green yet in store but it's coming, it is cominggggg. This color is flattering on most skin tones and with most hair colors. Have green eyes? That's a plus! Work it girl. My fiance doesn't like me in green but I tell him I have green eyes and it makes them look pretty and that's all that matters. But come on, we dress to impress other girls, not our men. It's the truth.

Let's dive more into actual trends than colors... this is our personal favorite trend this Fall, the dolman sleeve blouse (or anything dolman). Love love love... l.o.v.e. (like Ashlee Simpson love, and we all know that's hardcore)
 The definition of a dolman sleeve is open to interpretation. The classic definition is a top with a wide arm hole and narrow around the wrist. However, with current trends, dolman sleeves are coming in shorter sleeves (as seen above) which cuts out the 'narrow around the wrist' part. Regardless, they're fun a breezy and figure flattering. Whether it's a sheer top, button down blouse, or cape coat, dolman sleeves look great.

If you cut the section off between the arm hole and the bottom of the blouse, what do you get? A Poncho of course! Back again for another Fall, ponchos are going to be everywhere and on everyone. If you're pregnant, this is your go to piece. If you're drinking a lot of beer while tailgating, ponchos are your answer.
 Ponchos come in so many different styles and patterns that the possibilities are endless. Let's say you can't find anything to wear, you just have a white long sleeve tee and jeans and have to cart your kids around all day. You feel boring and drab. This is where a poncho comes in. Throw one on to instantly transform your outfit. Oh and don't forget a great pair of earrings! DUH.

Going with the whole biker boot vibe (as discussed in our previous post) leather is a huge trend this Fall. Are you surprised? We're not either. Find yourself a great leather coat, lined with a fun pattern and you're set. Leather skirts are also showing their faces in a lot of boutiques recently as well, but we're on the fence. Want do you think... would you want one?
These are three styles we've gotten in so far this Fall. All three fabulous. Pair them with your favorite boots and you're set! Put a little edge in your wardrobe

There's so many more new trends this Fall but we'll save them for another day, so stay tuned and check back for 'Fall Fashion Alert: Clothing' second edition. Man that makes us sound so cool and important, huh? ;)

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