Sunday, June 5, 2011

Real Housewives of....Style.

It's an epidemic and has taken the World by storm. It's like a broken finger. It's painful but you can't stop staring at it, in all of it's deformed glory. What are we referring to you ask? The Real Housewives series of course! Obviously...

Many of us hate to admit it, but we can't help but love the Real Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, D.C., Miami, and Beverly Hills. We know what you're thinking and we feel the same way, there was a D.C. season? Yep, and it was sub par but it did happen. Moving on...

We've noticed, because of our addiction with the show, that each season/city/state has a different 'look'. All the women have their own style. The women of Orange County dress and style themselves much differently than the ladies in New 'lady' the right term'? hmmm. Which style is your favorite? Are you more of a D.C. girl or would you consider your style to match the women in Atlanta?
Here's a little photo montage to refresh your memories of each season's style...

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

First of all, we have to say, how many hours of photoshop went into making this picture possible? If only you could photoshop reality, a girl, or housewife can dream can't she?
Key Points to Atlanta Style:
1. Wear anything that will make your 'twins' look as big and 'in yo face' as possible. Purchase a great push up bra, or new set of twins, lather them with shimmer and you're ready to go to the grocery store.
2. Accentuate your curves, if you've got a 'donkey booty' then flaunt it baby. Curves are a beautiful thing for these Atlanta housewives.
3. Bling bling... wear big chunky jewelry and crystals on your wrists, neck, fingers, finger nails, and even eyelashes. You can never have too much bling.
4. Have your own signature hair style even if that means having a custom wig made for your head. Spike your hair up, slick it back, or put feathers in it. Work it girl...
5. Don't forget your accessory... your man. He must be athletic, tall, dark, or... an ex-con.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Blonde has quickly become the name of the game in this season/city. Afterall, it's completely natural right?
1. Hair, hair, and more hair...extensions! If you don't have extensions you are soooo not cool. Fake is real in the O.C. Don't forget your fake eyelashes.
2. Tight dresses that accentuate your body, the one you paid lots of money for, are key. Anything with a sweetheart neckline or no straps is perfect. Throw on some spanx and strut your stuff.
3. Along with tight dresses, high heels, at least 4 inches, are extremely important. Flats are a no-no.
4. Big chunky necklaces, with real diamonds, are also important to pair with your outfits.
5. Going to the gym? Make sure you style your hair and put on a full face of makeup. You never know who you might see. 

The Real Housewives of Miami

We feel weird admitting it but this crew may be the most 'normal' as far as fashion goes
1. Trend is everything. Track down the best name brands and fill your closet with them. Ruffles and floral print are perfect for exotic Miami.
2. Being tan is super important, you do live around a bunch of Latinos and Cubans, gotta keep up. 
3. Dress sexy but keep it classy, show just enough skin without revealing too much (well unless you're Cristy, she's does her own thing).
4. Style your hair but don't make it look like you're trying too hard. The beachy salt filled air will make any hair sprayed helmet hair go flat.
5. Strappy flats, or wedged sandals are so 'in' in Miami. Whatever makes it easier to walk from boutique to boutique.

 The Real Housewives of D.C.

If there's one thing constant with these ladies, they're always trying to outdo each other whether it be with fashion or political knowledge.
1. You are in America's Capital so you must dress like it. Being conservative and classy are the two fashion rules you must live by.
2. Keep your cleavage and legs covered up but make a statement with sequins adorned dresses and coats of fur in the winter.
3. Pearls and diamonds are your best friend. Anything that makes you look wealthier than the woman next to you.
4. The way you look isn't near as important as who you know. Drop names regularly and eat lunch at the White House at least twice a year.
5. Your smile is the first thing people see when you walk into a room, make sure it's sparkly white and if that means getting veneers, go for it girl!

The Real Housewives of New York City

One thing we can applaud about these ladies is that they all seem to have their own unique style, similar to each other, but different in many ways.
1. Run to the catwalks and duplicate whatever you see the models rocking. The style may not look quite right on you but hey, at least you know you're hip with the newest trends.
2. Wear what flatters your body best, if you have long legs rock skinny pants with a great pair of boots. Love your collar bone? Wear an off the shoulder top under your mink coat.
3. Blazers are IT in New York City, any style, color, and length. Rock those blazers.
4. Jewelry is popular but wear it in good taste. It must make a statement but a subtle statement.
5. Scarves are a must no matter what the season, and ballet flats are very popular because of all the walking you'll be doing from appointment to social meeting.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Let's go out with a BANG! These ladies by far have the loudest style. They have huge personalities that they pair with their crazy fashion sense.
1. Animal print...zebra, cheetah, leopard, you name it, you wear it! Wear it as a dress, on your head as a hat, as a print in your daughter's hair bow, or on your shoes.
2. Leather and glitter are must haves in your wardrobe. Your husbands will die when they see you walk out of your bedroom in something slick and shiny!
3. Coordinate your outfit with your kid's outfits. Matching is all the rage.
4. You're over the age of 40 and you want to wear something loud and skimpy, no problem, you're in Jersey, go for it!
5. Tease that hair, the bigger the better. It will look great with your dark eye makeup and red lipstick.

So... which style do you identify most with? Or do us Southern women have a completely different style of our own? We'd like to think the latter is true.

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