Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hips, Hats, Hair ... and Tribal Print?

Remember those days when summer was coming and you didn't have a care in the World when it came to what to wear and when? You were built like a twig and could throw on anything from last summer and it would still fit.

That was the 'high school' you. Now that you're a grown woman with a figure, preparing for summer isn't as easy. No it's not just you who feels like you're not gaining weight but your body keeps getting wider. This is happening to me too. Those hips we have, they're evil bones. Is it possible to get hip plastic surgery? I know you can get hip replacement but can you get them pulled in closer together like they were before your body decided it was ready to bear quadruplets at a moments notice? I think God should have made it illegal for your hips to spread until you were actually carrying child. That's just me though.

Enough about our flaws... you know what's fabulous about this summer's fashion trends? They're flowy, draped, and ruffly and leave room to a eat a 5 course meal, develop a food baby, and no one will even notice! Ooooh Summer 2011, how we love you!
Go ahead, eat 5 chimichangas girl... no one will know!

Much like the spring trends... nautical theme is going strong but it's not the only theme taking over our wardrobes. Tribal print is here and is hunting you down. Personally, not a big fan, but I think I'm in the minority. I do have to admit, it looks precious on most women and adds that extra 'flare' we're all looking for.
Rain dance anyone? Just need some face paint and spears!

Cropped pants are fab-u-lous... especially cropped skinnies. We all need a few pairs to go with any top on any day. You can dress them up or down; wear them with platform pumps, or flats. They're convertible, comfortable and stylish. The ones with the buttons at the hem line that crawl up the leg, are super cute...and they match well with your nautical tops.

Jeans rarely make the Summer 'must-have' list because they're thick, bulkier, and don't breathe well. This Summer may be a bit different however with the comeback of the wide leg pant. These lovelies tend to be thinner (more trouser like) and allow some room for air to reach your otherwise suffocated legs. Thank you Carole Brady for allowing us to bring the wide legs back from the 70's. Disclaimer: if you find that you have shorter and thicker legs, these jeans may not be a great choice for you because they may shorten your leg and draw more attention to your bottom half.
Paige Wide Leg.. Doesn't get much better than this!

I feel like we've discussed fashion trends quite a bit but what about the other 'trends' that will accompany your new fashion like hair and accessories?

Bangin' bangs, whether you like it or not, are here and popping up everywhere on women's foreheads these days. You saw Taylor Swift with them at the American Music Awards and then you saw Sandra Bullock with them at the Golden Globes (take that Jessie!). They're fun and trendy, but not for everyone. Our advice? If you want to give them a try, take a fashion leap. If you end up not liking them, give them a month or two to grow a bit and push them to the side as a funky side bang, or clip them up in a cute 'poof' (no, not like Snookie's) until they grow out to a more comfortable length. If you have a long lean face, these may be a great choice for you. If you have a strong bone structure or more of a round face, you may want to think twice before choosing blunt bangs. This is because they could leave you looking more masculine than you'd like.
 Who wore it best?

Like many Summers before, beachy wavy tresses are absolutely in. Part your hair down the middle, add some spray gel to your damp towel-dried hair and you're on your way. Sometimes, by doing this, your hair can seem flat. To fix this just tease small sections of your hair around the crown, use your fingers to style it a bit, and you're golden. Need some extra body? Go purchase yourself some clip in hair extensions that are about the length of your natural hair, or a bit longer, and you'll have hair to be desired. You'd be surprised at how many women these days have extensions but hide them well.
Sarah Jessica shows us how you can dress up the hairstyle!

Much like, hmmmm, about 10 years ago, floppy hats are back in! They're so fabulous and functional and we will definitely be embracing this hat trend. Jennifer Lopez wore it best and first and we thank her for it. Now it's our turn to give this trend a test drive. Floppy hats look pretty stunning on just about anyone and they're quite the statement piece. Much better than Von Dutch trucker hats, right ladies? No worries, we haven't seem them making a comeback... yet.
No one wears it better.

What summer trends will you be welcoming into your wardrobe? If you're going o be rocking any of the looks above, send us a picture of you doing so and we'll show you off on our blog! Did you try the blunt bangs? Let us know your thoughts on the experience!

Until next time... Peace, Love, & Fashion

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