Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you a Fashion Felon?

Fashion rules, unsaid rules, common mistakes, and don'ts... some of us pretend they don't exist and others of us preach fashion rules like the word of the bible. Can I get an amen? Really though, fashion rules can be silly. Well, unless the fashion rule you're breaking has turned you into a convicted fashion felon... and if you wear a crop top with a big belly, you're definitely a felon.

One of the biggest fashion rules that we all try to abide by but don't know why is the 'No white after Labor Day' and before Memorial Day (or whenever) rule. Who made this rule anyway and what were they smoking? It seems as though historians can not quite agree on where this infamous rule came from. Some say the snobby elite, back in the 30's, created it so that they could mark claim over white clothing and keep the less wealthy from wearing such a pure and ritzy color when it wasn't 'in season'. 
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Regardless of the reason,  this rule makes me want to jump up and down and stomp my feet in detest. White looks good on everyone. I say we cape diem, pull a Coco Chanel and make white a staple wardrobe color all year long. What are your thoughts? We do have to admit that white shoes look a bit out of place in the cooler months, like white keds, or white knee high boots. Yikes!
Work it Coco!

How about some other rules that we can probably all agree on, like if you're over the age of 40 you should throw out your mini skirts. The age limit is actually debatable, but 40 seems like a good number. Whether you have cellulite or not, it's just not appropriate. UNLESS you're in your local redneck bar, single, and looking for a good classy man to take home to mama.

Speaking of skirts, how about the unsaid rule 'No uggs with skirts or shorts', like we discussed in a previous post. This rule also has an age limit which is at about 12 years old. If you're older than 12 and you're caught breaking this rule, expect to be whispered about.
Britney you ruined it for everyone!

Here's one that half of us probably don't follow... the rule about leggings. Leggings (like the thin black or gray ones) are meant to be worn under a short dress, tunic, or long shirt. If your top does not cover your 'bottom' then you're breaking the leggings rule. We do have to admit that if you have a bangin' body and have a really nice pair of leggings you can probably get away with showing off your bottom in leggings. But most of us do not fall into this category. So please ladies, I beg you, cover up your girly bits that no one cares to see. Leave some things to the imagination. You may think black camouflages everything, but you may be very wrong.
Uh oh... This is when it stinks to be a celeb.

Anyone try to match their eyeshadow to their outfit each day? This is another one that drives many people nuts. It's commonly said that this is a no-no, which I agree. But, sometimes it can look cute like on St. Patrick's day or Halloween. If you're wearing a blue blouse please shy away from blue shadow. We may live in the south, and bigger may be better in some cases, but not this case. Don't pull a Mimi from the Drew Carey show. Stick to neutral tones with a little touch of color here and there, but keep it subtle.
If you commit this fashion crime, you deserve imprisonment!

Oh how about this one... don't mix black and brown. Although this rule may ring true for men, it's become a fuzzy line in women's fashion. For example, wearing a black dress with a brown high waisted belt is reveered as fashionable and cute. I guess it really all depends on the trends of the times. One thing that doesn't change, if you're a man and you wear a brown belt with black shoes, you need to do an 'about face' and march right back into your closet and switch one of the two out.

Let's end on a rule we all can probably agree on. It's not okay to allow your bra straps to show, period. It's no longer 1995. Wearing a black bra with a white tank top is not okay. And while we're at it, it's not sexy to let your thong hang out from the top of your pants. A bra is defined as an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts. Key word being, undergarment. They're meant to support and not be seen.
Amy Winehouse... such a trendsetter.

Did we forget a fashion rule? Let us know, and comment with your thoughts on each rule whether you agree or disagree. It's nice to have different points of view.

Until our next blog post... rock that white year-round Coco, if you're getting older sell your mini skirts at your annual yard sale to your crazy redneck neighbor, wear your uggs in the safety of your own home, cover up your girl bits when rocking some leggings, don't duplicate your rainbow blouse on your eyelids, pair black and brown wisely, anddddd... Victoria's secret is her bra, she wants it hidden and kept a secret, don't disrespect Victoria!

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